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Napa Vineyard Management Services

It All Starts With the Soil

With a love for soil and a fondness for wine, there is no better business to be in than vineyard management and that’s exactly why Grand Crew Vineyard Management exists. With over 90 years of combined farming experience, countless relationships with vineyards and winemakers, and hundreds of thousands of bottles of wine produced from our grapes, you can count on Grand Crew. From vineyard consulting and development to the marketing and sale of grapes, we offer turnkey solutions that transform Napa land owners into profitable grape growers.

Napa Vineyard Management Services
Vineyard Development

Honest, straightforward advice combined with decades of experience allows us to work with land owners to design and develop healthy, fruitful vineyards.

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Sanoma Vineyard Management Services
Vineyard Management

We take great pride in growing the best grapes your land can produce. Attention to detail and custom-designed equipment helps maximize output and minimize loss.

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Napa Vineyard Management Services
Grape Marketing & Sales

Successful grape sales takes decades worth of relationships in Napa Valley. Our clients rely on our trusted relationships to get the best prices for their grapes.

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Wineries We Sell Grapes To

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Cover Crops
Tying Down Vines
Where We Work

My goal is to produce the best quality Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Musque and Semillon possible from Ryan’s Vineyard in Napa. I believe that I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal and I have learned that, in order to accomplish that goal year after year, it takes the right team and a level of trust that the right decision is being made every step of the way. For the past 15+ years, Robert Jordan and his crew have been part of that team and I could not produce the level of quality that I do without him and his crew.  
Jim Verhey, President, Big Ranch Vineyards, Inc.

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