Annual Operations

Napa Grape GrowersToday, Grand Crew Vineyard Management manages around 30 different vineyards between the Napa and Sonoma valleys. Whether it’s been in consulting, viticultural aspects, or consulting on costs, we’ve managed many more over the years in one capacity or another. Many of the vineyards managed by Grand Crew have been under our management even as the land has changed hands. Knowing that our clients trust us to do what’s best is what allows us to have such long-lasting relationships with landowners, but more importantly with the land itself.

Moreover, our long-term staff and ability to scale puts us in a position to manage even more vineyards in the region. Between our custom-designed equipment and nearly 100 years of farm management experience, you can rest assured that Grand Crew Vineyard Management will be there through drought and flood.

Here is a list of operational aspects our crews handle year round:

Soil Cultivation Soil Moisture and Nutrient Monitoring Pest and Disease Control
Soil Amendments and Fertilization Maintenance of Trellises, Irrigation, Drainage Frost Protection
Mowing to Weeding Pruning to Thinning Tying and Training