Covering the Crop

Bad things can happen. We use cover crops for a variety of preventative measures, from the benefits of keeping soil oxygenated for a healthy root system to maintaining a healthy balance of carbon to nitrogen. It all results in creating a valuable crop. But little surprises come out of nowhere regardless of how well you plan for perfection. That’s why I carry a number of insurance policies, licenses and permits.

Grand Crew Vineyard Management is bonded and carries all required Commercial Liability Insurance up to recommended limits. We also carry all required Licenses and Permits to operate a vineyard management company. This includes a pest control license with the State of California (QAL License) and a Farm Labor Contractor’s License (FLC), among a few. For details or copies of Certificates of Insurance, please contact us.

Nurturing Tender Tendrils

Let’s face it: Farming can be a dangerous business. From the simple, but harmful, rays of the sun, it’s easy for a worker to misjudge how long he can or should go without a break or hydration. It’s one slip of the pruning shears to hitting the wrong pedal on a tractor that can produce an all-out disaster in the field.

Your greatest asset is your vineyard. Mine is my crew. I’ve gone to great lengths to train them; teach them safety skills; and hire outside safety consultants to provide expert advice, training and working methods to ensure my team stays in tip-top shape.

My safety record is impeccable.

Just as your vines’ buds are vulnerable and tender at the beginning of the growing season, so are my staff from time to time. I take extra care to ensure everyone from the foreman to the row worker is doing well under all climate and equipment conditions throughout the season.

Old Vines

Many of my clients have been with me for a long, long time. I would be more than delighted to let you speak with them about their satisfaction with my services. Please let me know if you’d like to talk with my references about any of your concerns.

For more on planting cover crops, check out this video: