One of a Kind Tiller Delivers Faster Weeding With No Vine Damage

This one of a kind machine is a vineyard manager’s best friend, but if you’re looking for one of these in Napa, you’ll only find it on the crews of Grand Crew Vineyard Management.

While looking for ways to manage vineyards more efficiently and provide for a better outcome of the crop, we work hard to design tools that help us accomplish a wide array of tasks. This particular tool is a tiller that we designed and built in order to weed around crops more quickly without damaging the vines.

Damage to the bark of a grape vine can cause girdling on young plants, something that can kill them. The trip mechanism used on this tiller helps the machine guide itself around vine trunks to avoid any damage to the bark. The process of tilling allows for oxygen to the vine’s soil while reducing the use of herbicides.

With our 90 years of combined vineyard development, vineyard management and grape sales experience, we’re always looking for new ways to produce a better grape and satisfy our clients. Stay tuned for more examples of custom machinery developed exclusively for our clients.